Month: August 2020

Sister Irma Garcia Passing

Irma announcement Please open the above announcement of the passing of Sister Irma Garcia.  She will be sadly missed as she was very engaged with her work group at NASA/JSC. She will be sadly missed. Our hearts go out to her family for their loss.

James Maggio (SP-Maint/PAE)

Joseph Maggio Brother James Maggio of the Special Purpose Maintenance shop at PAE NASA/JSC Lost his Father recently, please click the link above to see the Obituary and Funeral arrangements.  We offer our sincerest condolences for the loss of his beloved family member.

George Shute Memorial

George Shute (Ellington Yulista Contract LL-1786), passed August 8th,  Obituary and funeral arrangements are listed below. George was an IAM member since 1986, he will be missed by many.