Month: January 2019

Government Shutdown over (for now)

Friday afternoon President Trump announced that he would sign legislation to open the government temporarily to get the the Government employees payed along with back pay for this past event.  There was nothing mentioned about government contract employees that were forced to endure the same shutdown.  For now, contact your Steward and or your supervisor […]

Call Congress NOW, Stop the Shutdown

        Sisters and Brothers, The House of Representatives passed a bill to reopen the government and get back to the table and negotiate on border security. Now it’s the Senate’s turn and we are asking you to call your Senator and tell them to support H.R. 268 (Amendment #6). Senate – (866) 803-8830 […]

Obituary for Michael Mabry

With heartfelt concern. Mrs. Pamela Mabry’s husband passed away this week and arrangements are in process. Please follow the link here: Mrs. Mabry retired as Secretary-Treasurer of District Lodge 37 and her father (now passed) also was of great service to our members having served in the past as Directing Business Representative of our […]

Government Shutdown Info

As most of you know, the Government is in a ‘Partial shutdown’.  This is having adverse consequences for those directly and indirectly affected by this action.  For information regarding assistance and support please click on the Gov.Shutdown2019 button on the main menu on this site.  if you have any questions or comments and mostly additional […]